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for us?

Because we want truly passionate and dedicated people to help us continue offering best-in-class technology and customized services.

Satisloh as an employer

At Satisloh Group, we are proud of our products and services for the optical industry.

The Satisloh Group consists of different companies, all of them located in the optical industry. The group is represented worldwide with locations on every continent. Each individual company is a technology leader in its field. The know-how ranges from machines for optics production, special processes, services, software solutions to consumables, tools, spare parts and Certified Pre-Owned products.


the future


In the Satisloh Group, we are always looking for employees who have already worked and/or are working in the optical industry and are looking for a new challenge in their career. However, we also welcome applicants who bring experience and in-depth knowledge from other industries and thus show us new ideas and paths. Have a look at our job advertisements and do not hesitate to contact us.


Some of our companies also train their own apprentices, who are then familiar with the tasks and challenges of the industry from the ground up. Many of these trainees later develop into experts in their field, whose knowledge and experience become almost indispensable.

Study Programs

Especially Satisloh in Wetzlar, Germany, has a cooperation with the “Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen” – University of Applied Sciences. The students of the university have the possibility to do their practical semesters in Wetzlar. This gives them an insight into everyday professional life and allows them to apply and implement what they have learned in practice.

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