VP Global R&D


Dr. Michael Kreis is the Vice President of Global R&D. He has worked with Satisloh since 2016 when he joined the team in Wetzlar, Germany. He attended the Technical University of Darmstadt, and holds a Ph.D. in Production Engineering.

With Satisloh locations and customers spread worldwide, one of Michael’s favorite parts of his job is working with people of different backgrounds and from different countries. Everyday is a challenge with the vast variety of technical topics his R&D team covers, but together they develop the best art supplies for all ophthalmic issues, guaranteeing lens-making is truly an artform.


If Michael had a superpower he would like the ability to fly, and if given €1 million to spend in a day, he would get himself a seat on the next space flight. When he isn’t working, he loves cooking. He secretly dreams of retiring to a small alpine farm where he can bake bread and make cheese to share with friends and family.