VP Global Aftermarket & MD Satisloh Italy


Luca Cavadini joined Satisloh in 2004 and is the Vice President of Global Aftermarket as well as the Managing Director of Satisloh Italy. Luca holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and a master in the Carnegie Mellon University.

The thing that Luca enjoys the most about working at Satisloh is the opportunity to tackle many different challenges and situations, and working out how to successfully solve the problems he faces. He also really values the global footprint the company has and loves the connections he has within the company across the world. Luca is involved with many aspects of the business, however, he really contributes to the art of making lenses by coordinating the production of the coating machines as well as improving the consumables offering. 


Had his career not taken him to ophthalmic and optical machinery, Luca’s fantasy career would be an ethologist where he would study the behaviour of animals in their natural habitat. He loves the outdoors and when not working he goes boating, hiking or biking – both on his bicycle and his Harley Davidson.