Head of Integrated Solutions


Xavier Bultez is the Head of Integrated Solutions and based at Satisloh Paris. He joined the team in 2017 after ten years with the Essilor Group in lab and lens technology. Xavier graduated from a Mechanics and Microtechnics Engineering School with specialization in optics. He has always worked in the ophthalmic industry in lab production and engineering roles. He joined Satisloh to support the expansion of the product portfolio with automation and digitalization through Lab 4.0.

Xavier and his team work on developing products that remove repetitive and non-added value tasks in a lab so that labs can focus on the key tasks to make a lens. He finds that the Satisloh team is incredibly motivated and fun to work with, and he really values the many opportunities there are to improve lens manufacturing for Satisloh customers.

When Xavier isn’t working, he likes playing the drums and if he could have any other fantasy career he definitely would be the drummer of a cool band. He’d like to be able to travel back to somewhere in the 70s to listen to some of the bands that later became world wide superstars.